The special promotion for 5 new routes launching 
Fares just from 255,000 vnd

Jetstar Pacific will operate five new routes:

Between Ho Chi Minh City and Quy Nhon: from 01st February 2015 (daily) 
Between Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Hoi: from 01st February 2015 (3 flights per week) 
Between Ho Chi Minh City and Tuy Hoa:  from 30th  March 2015 (3 flights per week) 
Between Buon Ma Thuot  and Hai Phong:  from 02nd February 2015 (3 flights per week) 
Between Buon Ma Thuot  and Thanh Hoa from 03rd  February 2015 (2 flights per week)

On the occasion of commercial launch for this 5 new routes, we're pleased to offer you all a special promotion with fares just from 255, 000 VND.

The promotion starts from 12:00, Monday 29th  December 2014 to 23:59, Sunday 04th  January  2015.

Hurry on to book now before super cheap fares are sold out.

Keyto Sale fares available in both directionsto Sale fares available only one way
 Routes from….to….or vice versaTravel Periods 1Travel Periods 2Starter^ fare
 Ho Chi Minh CitytoQuy Nhon01/02/15 - 17/02/1509/03/15 - 22/04/15255,000VND
 Ho Chi Minh CitytoTuy Hoa 30/03/15 - 22/04/15255,000VND
 Ho Chi Minh CitytoDong Hoi01/02/15 - 17/02/1509/03/15 - 22/04/15555,000VND
 Hai PhongtoBuon Ma Thuot02/02/15 - 17/02/1509/03/15 - 22/04/15555,000VND
 Thanh HoatoBuon Ma Thuot03/02/15 - 17/02/1509/03/15 - 22/04/15555,000VND
Important Information

These fares exclude taxes, fees and are subject to availability and not available on all flights or days. Air fares are non-refundable. Limited changes are permitted, charges apply. ^Carryon baggage limits, including size restrictions, will be strictly applied. Passengers with more than the applicable carryon baggage allowance will need to check in baggage and charges will apply. Jetstar Pacific conditions


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